Did you ever feel like a true prince or princess? Exactly this experience is offered by our dance school.

Participate with us in an unforgettable Viennese ball and let yourself be carried into the noble atmosphere of the past where graceful ladies in elegant dresses elegantly circle in pairs with gentlemen to live orchestra music.

In Vienna, however, more than three-hundred-year-old ball tradition has survived to this day. Once they were balls for only wealthy aristocratic families. Nowadays, several Vienna Balls are also available to the public.

On January 27, 2018, Kursalon reopens its doors for the traditional “Johann Strauss Ball” ball. This time, spring, summer, autumn and winter atmosphere will inspire the most important events of the program, including a gorgeous ball opening ceremony, a dance show, a midnight quadrille, a waltz , all in the 4 luxury halls of the historic Kursalon Vienna.

Our dance school will provide tickets for Johann Strauss Ball, back and forth, escort and, most of all, meeting with group of people who love social dance and with whom you will enjoy a lot more. Take this opportunity to immerse yourself in the excellent atmosphere of the traditional Viennese Ball, dance waltz or cha-cha-cha, get to know new people and just have fun.

The price for Johann Strauss Ball action  is 79 €/person.

The price includes: tickets to the Johann Strauss Ball, transfer back and forth, escort.

The event takes place: 27.01.2018, departure from Bratislava at 19.15 from the City Dance school.

Dress code:

  • Ladies: Evening Dresses
  • Gentlmen: Smoking or suit

Registration for Johann Strauss Ball