Latino ladies
Registration for Latino Ladies for beginners. Open hour.

Latino ladies

Latino Ladies is a Latin American dance program specially designed for women. If you do not have a partner, and you want not only to practice but also to dance beautifully at Latin parties, the Latino Ladies course is right for you!

The program includes all popular Latin dances like samba, salsa, cha -chacha, rumba and other dances. We dedicate a lot to the feminine style of dance, sculpture and femininity.

At Latino Ladies you get a feel of rhythm, improve your coordination, flexibility and fitness. The Latino Ladies course is suitable for women of all ages!

Latino Ladies will work in the form of courses or open hours.

Start the new courses according to our schedule. Range of each course – 10 * 60min. Courses will be divided by level.

The open hour for beginners is on Wednesdays from 19 to 20. At this time, one-time entry can be purchased.

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