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Wedding Dance

Wedding is the happiest moment in every couple’s life, and indeed the first step in a common life is the wedding dance, which is an integral part of the whole celebration.

The first dance is a very important event in the life of a young couple. It is a symphony of affection and harmony. The future bride and groom should together prepare for a dance that is even more to unite a couple in love. The character of the wedding dance should reflect the entire inner world of the couple, even if it is unique.

Of course, all future spouses dream that their dance will be the most romantic and the most beautiful. It is this dance that will help you prepare a professional choreographer of our dance school in the form of:

– wedding dance express courses,

– individual training,

– Combination of courses and individual lessons.


Wedding dance express course from May 6th till May 27th, 2018

  • 4 × 60 min dance lections
  • Course content:
  1. First hour – Introduction to Dance, holding and guiding partner, Waltz – Base Steps and Figures
  2. Second hour – Vienna Waltz
  3. Third hour – polka and repetition of dances
  4. Fourth hour – preparation of a short choreography with elements of the show at a slow pace

Individual lessons

The most exciting, highly productive and effective form of dance training is individual lessons. In individual training sessions, dance and choreography can be performed in the shortest possible time.

At individual lessons, you will be fully trained to work with your specific needs, and this is ideal when preparing an individual wedding choreography for the chosen musical composition.

The duration of the individual lesson is 60 minutes

Combination of courses and individual lessons

Combinations of courses and individual lessons are an optimal form of wedding preparation, where you can manage the basics in a pleasant atmosphere with other young couples as part of group training. The unique choreographer will prepare you in a short time on the basis of the steps already taken on the individual lessons with the lecturer on your chosen song.