Dance school for children and adults in Dubravka, Bratislava

The new dance school CITY DANCE invites you to the magic world of social dances and provides an opportunity for everyone to try their favorite dancing styles under the guidance of professional dancers in the new dance halls in Dúbravka. Do not miss the opportunity to learn beautiful and professional dancing!
CITY DANCE school has courses for every taste and age. Special attention is paid to children’s dancing: we have classes for the smallest, ballet, dances for teenagers popular at the parties.
Adults can find different kinds of classical and modern dances, such as social dances, ballet, salsa, latino fit dancing, latino ladies, dancing for festive events. You can choose group and individual lessons for yourself. If you do not have a partner, you can dance with a professional dancer at Pro-am class.
We also offer the possibility to rent our new modern air-conditioned halls.

The CITY DANCE school is always open to new people who have decided to learn to dance or want to learn new dance trends. Each group is created with respect to the basic experience and age of the students. The test hour will help you choose the right course for children of different ages, and open one-hour entry hours will give the chance to decide for adults.
Dance is a great way to relax, to find new friends and spend time with benefits for your health and body. We are looking forward to you!


Vážení návštěvníci, počas školských prázdnin v období 23.02-3.03 všetky detské kurzy budú zrušenéĎakujeme za pochopenie a tešíme sa vas od 04.03.2019!

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